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Hello there ! The name is Diana, but hey you can call me Diana. I'm a regular college student with lots on her mind and with a need of an outlet. Yea .. Tumblr is my option.Im like obssessed with it.
Bahh iI got to deal with it right ?



Japanese Food Party :D

If I ever have a party in my tummy this is what I’d like.

I feel like watching brother bear (´ヮ`)/


u either watch no anime for months or 3 whole series in one sitting

My brother Kenai went on to live with Koda and the other bears. He taught me that love is very powerful. And I passed on the wisdom of his story to my people. The story of a boy who became a man… by becoming a bear.”


asian ethnicities are not interchangeable and casting the right ethnicity is actually important

So like … am I the only one that gets really thirsty after eating ice-cream ?